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Sven Källfelts Gata 11
426 71 Västra Frölunda
2A Banbury Office Village
Noral Way
OX16 2SB Banbury
United Kingdom
+46 317620300
About MMT

Specialising in high-resolution seabed mapping, MMT offers multi sensor solutions to a wide range of clients in the offshore industry, primarily within oil & gas, renewable energy, marine cable and hydrography. We collect, process and visualise the conditions of the seabed and the targets on it and beneath. Our services include pre-lay and route surveys for cables and pipelines, site surveys for platforms and wind farms and pipeline and cable inspections. We also offer IMR services with our trusted partners.

MMT possess the only Survey ROVs capable of collecting high-quality data and processing with up to 50% time spare compared to traditional ROV surveys. Surveyor Interceptor no. 2 will be ready for delivery for work from Q2 2018. SROV no. 2 is underway!

An increased expansion of offshore installations has required a new and innovative approach to UXO detection and clearance, from possible minefield to ALARP certification. As part of the risk assessment for all submarine installations, we offer detection, verification, excavation and clearance services for UXOs in a cost-effective combination with our geophysical, geotechnical and environmental services that are conducted from MMT’s vessels, state of the art equipment and marine survey specialists.

We always have your needs in mind to deliver accurate survey data, safe offshore operations and reports on time. We work closely with you, with expert dedication, every step of the way.

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ASV Global C-Enduro

ASV Global C-Enduro

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