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About NovAtel

Marine integrators have been relying on NovAtel's world leading Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) OEM positioning technology for over two decades to ensure their equipment performs when needed most. Our GNSS receivers, antennas, inertial systems, correction services and post-processing software provides precise, accurate, reliable positioning measurements for diverse marine applications.

NovAtel’s ATEX qualified marine GNSS antennas are designed with INMARSAT interference rejection for optimal performance in challenging conditions. Our low profile compact antennas offer a variety of form factors and configurations suitable for space constrained applications.

Our Oceanix GNSS correction services deliver exceptional sub-decimetre positioning for marine applications such as dredging, hydrographic survey and mapping. Oceanix corrections also provide high accuracy positioning and aid rapid re-convergence following GNSS signal interruptions.

Select SPAN® receivers offer NovAtel's real-time motion compensation algorithm to eliminate the effects of wave and swell movements from hydrographic measurement data, reducing measurement error and therefore providing more accurate, coherent results in hydrographic survey applications. Inertial Explorer® software from NovAtel's Waypoint®, post-processes data ensuring the most accurate positioning data.

NovAtel products have been tested, evaluated and accepted in sea trials by major hydrographic equipment manufacturers. We offer application developers many options for system performance, size and cost to meet their unique marine requirements. NovAtel provides a single source for purchase and customer support for all aspects of a marine positioning solution. To learn more, visit www.novatel.com/marine.

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