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About OceanAlpha Group Ltd

OceanAlpha Group Ltd. is the world's leading commercial unmanned surface vehicle (USV) company. It has grown from a single small office in 2010 to a workforce of over 580 employees today, with more than 200 R&D engineers and 524 pieces of USV-related patents. 

To support humans in getting closer to the ocean with lower costs, higher efficiency and enhanced safety, OceanAlpha is serving professionals from various fields with integrated USV solutions. Its advanced products are redefining methods of data acquisition, life-saving, auto-piloting and swarm-controlling in the marine sector.

OceanAlpha's business currently covers inland & offshore surveying, environmental monitoring, marine engineering, security & rescue, transportation and recreation. The company is operating in more than 40 countries worldwide.


The ESM30 Autonomous Water Sampling & Monitoring Vessel is an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) develop by OceanAlpha. The ESM30 is specially designed for fast re...

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The ME120 adopts a convertible catamaran design making it easy for two persons to assemble, disassemble and transported by a van. It's compatible with smaller-s...

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M40P autonomous survey boat is medium size platform designed for hydrographic survey in coastal area and oceans. With modular catamaran design and flexible payl...

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The SL20 Unmanned Surface Vessel is a compact and portable unmanned surface vessel for for hydrographic and bathymetry surveying

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SL40 autonomous survey boat is a waterjet-propelled unmanned surface vessel (USV) for hydrographic and bathymetric survey. Measuring 1.6 meters long and 0.7 met...

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