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RIEGL – Topo-Bathymetric Airborne Laser Scanners and Systems

RIEGL is an international leading provider of cutting-edge Waveform-LiDAR technology in airborne, mobile, terrestrial, and unmanned laser scanning solutions. RIEGL’s innovative hardware and software products provide powerful solutions for multiple applications in surveying.

For combined bathymetric and topographic surveying RIEGL offers the fully integrated airborne laser scanning systems VQ-880-G II and VQ-880-GH. Providing a water penetration of 1.5 Secchi depths, they are ideally suited for coastline and shallow water mapping, river bed profiling, measurement of aggradation zones, hydro-archaeological surveying, etc.

These turnkey surveying systems include a high-end IMU/GNSS unit and an RGB camera and are fully calibrated off-factory. The integrated improved infrared laser scanner complements the data from the green laser scanner and supports the detection of the water surface. The compact and robust housing is compliant with typical aircraft hatches and stabilized platforms. Additionally, the VQ-880-GH’s form factor with reduced height is specifically optimized for helicopter integration.

Especially to be used with customized systems, the compact RIEGL VQ-840-G Topo-Bathymetric Airborne Laser Scanner offers more than 2 Secchi depths water penetration. The scanner provides high spatial resolution due to a measurement rate of up to 200 kHz and a selectable laser beam divergence. Complemented by an optionally integrated IMU/GNSS system and an optional camera, the VQ-840-G represents a fully integrated system at a low weight of just 12 kg perfectly suited for integration in various aircraft platforms including UAVs.

The BathyCopter, a small-UAV-based airborne laser scanning system for bathymetric surveying, is ideally suited for generating profiles of rivers or water reservoirs. The robust and reliable platform design integrates the RIEGL BDF-1 bathymetric depth finder - with tilt compensator, IMU/GNSS unit, control unit, and up to two digital cameras - on RIEGL’s RiCOPTER.

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The robust and reliable platform design of RIEGL's remotely piloted RiCOPTER now integrates the new RIEGL BDF-1, a compact and lightweight bathymetric depth fin...

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The RIEGL VQ-840-G is a fully integrated compact airborne laser scanner for combined hydrographic and topographic surveying. The system can be offered optionall...

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VQ-880-GII / VQ-880-GH

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