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About RTsys

RTsys is specialised in passive and active underwater acoustics and drones. We have more than 30 years of expertise and extensive business experience in the development of high-tech products. Our innovations are used not only in the civil sector, but also for defence sector, and are equipped with SDA (Synchronous Data Acquisition) technology, developed by our R&D team.

Within a context of increased monitoring of the marine environment, in connection with reducing noise pollution, we are the front-runners in acoustic monitoring, following huge investments in research and development, and in cooperation with the scientific community. Our recognised expertise in the defence sector and close collaboration with the French Navy enable us to develop innovative underwater detection tools and drones for use in anti-submarine warfare.

The ‘Powered by SDA’ core is used in all RTsys products. The SDA card is full of cutting edge reliable technology for active and passive acoustic applications. It offers substantial calculations capacity, in a compact and portable format whilst remaining highly energy efficient. Used in conjunction with a Linux operating system, it really is a unique product given its calculation capacity, its compact size and its low energy use.

RTsys is involved in many European projects (MSFD, JOMOPANS…) and has developed adapted solutions for its customers. Our recorders and buoys can have 4 channels (synchronous acquisition) and record at a high sampling rate.

We invite you to check our brand new website with our range of products and software dedicated for underwater needs: https://rtsys.eu

ASV Global C-Enduro

ASV Global C-Enduro

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