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About Terradepth

Terradepth is an ocean data-as-a-service company focused on scaling ocean data collection and dissemination, enabling unprecedented exploration of the underwater environment. Their unique end-to-end solutions increase maritime operational efficiency with geophysical survey services, and innovative ocean data management and visualization solution, Absolute Ocean (AO), empowering the marine industry with deeper insights that support better decision making.  

Terradepth offers seafloor hydrographic and geophysical survey solutions through a fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles enabling cost-effective, high resolution data collection. Its Survey solutions are an efficient alternative to traditional survey and monitoring operations available to support global operations for the maritime domain. Their highly configurable and versatile platforms remove the need for continuous human supervision during ocean data collection operations. 


  •  Site Clearance and Verification Surveys
  •  Pre-lay and Post-lay Construction Survey
  • Pipeline and Submerged Cable Inspection Surveys
  • Structural and Asset Inspection
  •  Dredging and Trenching Support
  •  Magnetic Anomalies and Unexploded Munitions Detection
  •  Benthic Habitat Surveys
  •  Archeological Surveys
  •  Mineral Surveys
  •  Search and Recovery
  •  Hazard Surveys
  •  Optical Documentation


  •  Multi Frequency Side Scan Sonar Imagery
  •  Multibeam and Interferometric Derived Bathymetry
  •  Sub-bottom Profiling
  •   High-accuracy Survey-grade INS Navigation with USBL and LBL Aiding (Non-ITAR Configurations Available)
  •  Over the Horizon Communications Through Iridium
  •  High-resolution, Low-light Photogrammetry
  •  Sound Velocity Profiling
  •  Upward and Downward Looking ADCP Current Data
  •  Magnetometer

The Absolute Ocean platform is a tool for managing public and privately -collected ocean datasets. It utilizes cloud-backed, browser-based standards to provide a solution for securely integrating, visualizing, analyzing, and sharing ocean geospatial data at petabyte scale. Developed to transform how users interact digitally with the ocean environment, Absolute Ocean can be used to manage data for projects ranging from environmental monitoring and construction engineering, offshore energy exploration and production, to telecommunications infrastructure route planning and inspection. By visualizing and storing both new and existing seafloor datasets in public or private cloud systems, secure data retention is guaranteed and accessibility is ensured. 

The platform facilitates analysis and collaboration through intuitive exploration while increasing operational efficiency and the quality control process. 


User-uploaded data can be shared broadly with the community, or access can be limited through private storage and permissions management. 


Share data, reports, custom dashboards, and in-depth visualizations among your team or with external partners. 


Explore 3D ocean datasets from around the world and narrow your results by location and time period. 


Identify objects of interest such as pipelines, hazards, and other man-made debris with help from artificial intelligence.

Please go to terradepth.com to learn more.