Lakebed 2030: Mapping the Great Lakes Conference

Today, only 15% of the lakefloor has been mapped at high-density, leaving gaps in our understanding of the Great Lakes


The objective of the Lakebed 2030 conference is to bring together science and research, policy, government, and industry professionals to:

  • Focus on high-resolution mapping and bathymetry data in the Great lakes.
  • Develop a strategy to catalog new and existing lake bed information for shared use.
  • Share the latest technology advancements with the Great Lakes community.
  • Download schedule here

Please contact us at or 231.995.2500 if you have questions about the event.

A map that is easy to use and open to everyone

In 2019, a group of researchers, technologists, and others dedicated to creating a complete map launched Lakebed 2030.

Begun as a grassroots regional initiative that harmonizes governmental and non-governmental efforts, Lakebed 2030 is dedicated to bringing together new and existing bathymetric data to create a new map of the Great Lakes that is easy to use and open to everyone.

Email to get involved or to learn more.

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