Business Guide 2022

Business Guide 2022

In this Business Guide, we summarize the outcomes of our yearly Industry Survey for you (see page 10). Editor Wim van Wegen dived deep into the answers returned by more than 500 (!) readers of Hydro International.

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Hydrography: Growth Prospects on the Horizon (page 10)

Every year, Hydro International conducts a survey to gather the latest insights into the status of the hydrographic industry. Based on the contributions of 500 respondents, this article represents an attempt to identify the most interesting trends, developments and views on the sector for the years ahead.

More Training, Please! (page 15)

Looking at the current hydrographic market, an interesting aspect is the continuous search for hydrographic personnel. However, while quite a few of the current hydrographic surveyors obtained their training in the field, this is becoming increasingly difficult; not only due to the increasing complexity of surveying systems, but also because clients require hydrographic surveyors to be certified.

Empowering Women in Hydrography (page 18)

Workplaces that foster equity, diversity and inclusion are not simply ‘doing the right thing’: they also benefit from the ensuing diversity of perspectives, and increase their talent pool and economic productivity. Achieving meaningful transformation, however, requires employers and policy makers to address barriers and to commit to making the cultural and structural changes necessary at all levels to build more inclusive workplaces.

The Evolution of Capturing the Seabed (page 21)

Over the last few centuries, mapping the ocean seabed has formed a major challenge for marine geoscientists. Ocean bathymetric charts and submarine geomorphology have significantly impacted our understanding of our planet, from plate tectonics to deep-sea ecosystems.

Surveying Lake Superior the Uncrewed Way (page 29)

Two Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs), remotely controlled via satellite, conducted pioneering survey work on Lake Superior for the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) in partnership with IIC Technologies. The project marks the first time that USV technology has been used to gather bathymetry data in inland waters in Canada.

Hydrographic Experts Share Their Thoughts (page 45)

Hydro International invited various leading experts with different professional backgrounds to share their thoughts on the present and future of the hydrographic industry. This series of Q&As captures the state of the sector from a variety of perspectives, such as which technological and societal developments will have the most impact on the hydrographers of today and tomorrow.

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