24-bit Analogue Sub-Bottom SonarWiz Interface - 05/02/2014

Chesapeake Technology (CTI, USA), has presented a new 24-bit analogue sub-bottom SonarWiz interface (SBP24) for high-resolution geophysical surveys. SBP24 provides high-resolution 24-bit data at sample rates from 10 to 100kHz per channel for up to 2 channels over a standard USB 2.0 interface. Digitised data is stored in standard SEGY floating point format.

The 24-bit data sampling provides greater dynamic range and the increased sampling rates allows for higher resolution of fine scaled sub-bottom reflectors.

CTI has been offering custom software and hardware solutions to the marine geophysical and seafloor mapping industry for over 20 years. Through its developments in marine surveying technology & solutions, CTI has become the standard for navies, government agencies, survey companies and universities around the world.

Image: AA300 boomer plate, CSP-P capacitor bank, AH250/12 Hydrophone array, 250 joules at 3hz. Data courtesy David King, Marine & Earth Sciences Pty Ltd. Image courtesy: CTI.

Last updated: 04/08/2020