3 Axis Accelerometer to Assist Piston Coring - 10/08/2017

Deep sea sediment corer manufacturers Ocean Scientific Ltd (OSIL, UK) have released an accessory for their Giant Piston Corer: an accelerometer, which will aid operators with deployments. The accelerometer can calculate the attitude of the corer head on penetration of the corer into the seabed, and the penetration rate of the barrel string, which will assist operators with multiple deployments in the same location by ensuring optimal deployment conditions and sample recovery. The accelerometer is housed in a hard anodised aluminium canister that is rated to full ocean depth.

The Giant Piston Corer from OSIL (Ocean Scientific International Ltd.) is a rugged system, which can achieve up to 60m core samples in soft cohesive sediments and muds. The system is a modular construction with a unique integral piston, which reduces internal friction and prevents plugging. The corer can be manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel, and is a much sought after tool for the study of marine sediments.

Last updated: 19/07/2018