35th Shallow Water Multibeam Training Course 2004 - 03/03/2004

The 35th Shallow Water Multibeam Training Course 2004, to be co-hosted by LSGI, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University & EGS (Asia) Ltd. will be held at the above university from 9th to 14th August.
Highlights will include:

  • World-recognised ‘course of excellence’ including 36 lectures and over 1,800 double-sided pages of lecture notes
  • Lectures provided by four world-renowned swath specialists
  • Demonstration of multibeam system
    Based on the success of over thirty previous courses run all over the world,
    topics to be covered will include:
  • Review of underwater acoustics and overview of acoustic seabed mapping systems
  • Multibeam principles and multibeam calibration methods
  • Positioning and motion compensation for multibeam surveys
  • Multibeam survey planning
  • Data structures and multibeam data processing
  • Seabed acoustic backscatter and characterisation
  • Visualisation methods and quality control

Enrolment for this course is limited to a maximum of fifty participants.

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