4,000 Metre Dive for Quest 5 WROV - 25/10/2003

The QUEST 5 WROV from ALSTOM Schilling Robotics (ASR) successfully completed its first dive to 4,000 metres in sea trials off the Canary Islands in June 2003. This marks the deepest dive ever made by a commercially available electric work-class ROV. The QUEST 5 is an ultra-deepwater, free-swimming system with 5,000 m of 17.5-mm NSW umbilical cable.
After sea trials, the QUEST 5 system will support scientific research programmes for the DFG Research Center Ocean Margins (RCOM), a marine research institution at the University of Bremen.
Extensive engineering testing during the QUEST 5 building programme ensured that the system performed as specified from the first dive to its rated depth.
The QUEST 5 is based on standard components of ASR Remote Systems Engine, a modular suite of equipment and control software used to perform generic remote systems functions. Because all Remote Systems Engine components are rated to 4,000 metres, only minor equipment modifications were needed to create the QUEST 5.

Last updated: 04/09/2020