7th European Confrence on Underwater Acoustics ECUA 2004 - 19/03/2004

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO and Delft University of Technology announce the 7th European Conference on Underwater Acoustics ECUA 2004. The conference will be held in Delft, The Netherlands, from 5 to 8 july 2004.
The conference is supported by the European Commission, the European Acoustics Association and the Royal Netherlands Navy.
ECUA 2004 includes regular scientific sessions with contributed and invitated speakers, plenary keynotes and poster sessions. Amongst the structured sessions that will be organised are:

  • Propagation fluctuations in shallow water: modelling and experiment
  • Acoustics on the sea-air boundary
  • Seabed interaction
  • Geo-acoustic characterisation of fine-grained sediments
  • Seafloor mapping

and many more.
The conference is of interest to scientists, engineers, students and managers from universities and research institutions, government organisations and naval institutions. In addition this event is also of interest to professionals, managers and decision-makers working in (sonar)industry.

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