Above-water Laser Scanning throughout NaviSuite Workflow - 11/05/2015

EIVA NaviSuite allows for integration with the Renishaw Dynascan range of laser scanning systems, as well as Renishaw’s soon-to-be-released dedicated marine laser scanning solution, via a dedicated driver. Throughout the data workflow of the NaviSuite solutions the laser scanning data is treated as any other sensor data type, acquired via NaviScan, edited in NaviEdit and visualised in NaviModel.

A key feature of the software is that it supports all technologies and sensors that may be relevant to the customer's survey spread. Enabling integration in all the relevant NaviSuite solutions was an obvious task to undertake, according to EIVA Software manager Ole Kristensen.

Comprehensive Visualisation

During port and harbour surveys, coastal erosion monitoring, and scanning of offshore installations, optimal results and decision-making require a comprehensive visualisation of the state and location of objects not visible to subsea sensors.

Previously, it was possible to import laser scanning data as XYZ models in NaviModel, but not as an interfaced sensor in the workflow of NaviSuite. Now that this is possible, users benefit from a more cost-efficient method, more comprehensive data – above and below the waterline, and their existing setups of GPS and motion sensors on board the vessel, thereby increasing the accuracy of the data.

A Renishaw team will be present at the EIVA Days Denmark in May 2015 to give live demonstrations on the integration of the new dedicated marine laser scanning solution in EIVA NaviSuite. A combined solution consisting of a Renishaw laser scanning system and EIVA NaviSuite will be available for purchase during May.

Last updated: 19/01/2021