ABPmer Gives Free Access to Metocean Data and Statistics - 19/06/2018

ABPmer, a recognised authority in metocean data services, has recently launched its Global Data Explorer providing instant access to free metocean data and statistics. Using the data explorer enables users to discover the world’s wind and wave climate, obtain free metocean analysis and download key metocean statistics.

The company took the decision earlier this year that having expanded SeaStates, its metocean information service, to provide global coverage that it would harness the power of webGIS technologies and provide direct access to some of its datasets.

Look-see of ocean characteristics

The information available gives users a “look-see” of ocean characteristics that could be very useful in early-stage discussions around site selection as well as an indication of average environmental conditions for programme planning.

This development chimes with what the offshore sector said it wanted – data in a usable format. This is not the first time that the company has created tools to support industry. Its successful Weather Downtime Express Service is used worldwide and was developed iteratively with offshore contracting parties.

The launch of these datasets adds to ABPmer’s existing portfolio of metocean information services and is likely to be the first of many to be made available via the Data Explorer. The company is thus interested in hearing of other data and statistics that people would like to see be made available.

Last updated: 21/10/2020