Access to S-57 Data in ArcGIS - 01/03/2012

Esri ArcGIS software can now be used to visualise S-57 data with the symbology that the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) requires. The Esri S-57 Viewer can be downloaded free of charge.

Esri S-57 Viewer is an add-on to ArcGIS for Desktop. The viewer allows users to query and analyse S-57 datasets in a GIS-centric environment, overlay S-57 data with other mapping data, such as bathymetric, topographic, environmental and satellite imagery layers, and apply various IHO S-52 properties such as Colour Scheme and Safety Contour Depth.

Maritime data users can continue to leverage their investment in Esri technology by installing S‑57 Viewer to visualise and compare ENCs with their existing GIS data or data from other sources, such as ArcGIS Online. S-57 data can also be used in conjunction with applications, like Esri Nautical Solution, which is used to produce and maintain ENCs and paper charts. Other navigational and non-navigational products can be produced and shared including Digital Nautical Charts (DNC), Additional Military Layers (AML), Marine Information Overlays (MIO), inland ENCs and other maritime information products.

Last updated: 28/10/2020