Additional Excavator Monitoring Systems - 28/05/2009

The two installations are delivered in addition to the four systems already supplied to Martens en Van Oord, specialising in earthworks, both on land and under water. Both excavators are equipped with rotatable clamshells which are mounted on an extended stick. The inclination of the extendable stick and rotation are both measured and visualised real-time in combination with the standard boom/stick visualisation.


The excavators are mainly used for land dredging applications. As the excavators are equipped as stand-alone system they can also be placed on a pontoon for dredging on rivers and in harbors. The installation was performed by the Liebherr dealer in Hoogerheide (Netherlands), the calibration/ training was performed by RESON employees. The delivery comprises a full set of RESON potmeters, clamshell sensors, heading sensors, RESON interface and the PDS2000-Excavator software. Both systems are delivered and fully operational.



Last updated: 27/02/2018