Advanced Navigation Launches GNSS Compass Antenna

Advanced Navigation Launches GNSS Compass Antenna

Advanced Navigation has recently announced the release of its GNSS Compass product. The GNSS Compass is an all-in-one dual antenna GNSS/INS that provides accurate heading, position and velocity. All of this is done at a low price point whilst providing precise figures, making it an accessible choice for many applications.

GNSS Compass is capable of providing accurate heading even during GNSS outages (for up to 20 minutes). This is possible as a result of the INS integration embedded into the product. Additionally, it is not subject to magnetic interference further widening its applications. It is a plug and play unit that has NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and Ethernet interfaces making it easy to install and use. Advanced Navigation’s GNSS Compass is wheelmark certified for use on commercial marine vessels meeting the required standards of safety and performance across the EU.

GNSS Compass is developed to provide accurate navigation and positioning beyond the GNSS level. With the integration of INS technology, access to precise navigational data will be an easy step. Operating in remote locations will often have poor satellite coverage, making it difficult to gather detailed statistics. In volatile environments such as the desert, extreme weather conditions will cause satellite connections to falter. With GNSS Compass it will be possible to maintain accurate data, even during GPS outages.

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