AGI INSPIRE Support - 05/01/2009

1Spatial is exhibiting at a workshop being organised by the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) in London on 8th January 2009. The event will provide an opportunity for all parties with an interest in INSPIRE to learn more about the Data Specifications for Annex 1 (Reference Datasets). These have now been published by the European Commission for comment by registered organisations (such as AGI).



The AGI's INSPIRE Action Working Group is running the workshop with a view to sharing information and providing updates relating to the INSPIRE data specifications that have now been published to enable Legally Mandated Organisations (LMOs) and Spatial Data Interest Communities (SDICs). 1Spatial is a registered SDIC working on the INSPIRE transformation testing with several European Member States across a number of Thematic Areas, such as cadastral parcels, hydrography and transportation networks. Most of this testing is being carried as a result of 1Spatial's involvement in ESDIN, the best practice network for European Spatial Data Infrastructures.

The AGI is also an SDIC - one of at least 40 such organisations from the UK. Most of the UK experts that have participated in the INSPIRE Thematic Working Groups have agreed to contribute to this AGI-sponsored event. Defra and the European Commission are also sending representatives who will set the Data Specifications in UK and EU contexts respectively.

This will be a technical workshop to outline and explain the background of the data specifications. It will cover some of the INSPIRE comitology approach, describe the consultation process and cover the different requirements for the various data specifications. Organisations will benefit from involvement if they read the relevant data specifications for their business domain or thematic area prior to attending the workshop. It is not a forum for any political or strategic discussions on behalf of the UK for INSPIRE related matters.

The INSPIRE data specifications are published on the INSPIRE website managed by the JRC. Comments on the data specifications must be sent back to the INSPIRE team at the European Commission via individual LMO/SDIC contact persons by the end of January.

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