Airborne Digital Sensor System Certificated - 24/01/2007

The Applanix Airborne Digital Sensor System (DSS) has been granted full manufacturer certification by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). With this acknowledgment, the USGS recognizes that the Applanix DSS airborne digital camera system meets with manufacturer claims and is capable of providing consistent image data to support civil government mapping and ortho-photography product development. USGS certification is valid for all Applanix DSS camera systems that match the system type evaluated by the USGS during the 2006 site inspection.

The Applanix DSS is a ready-to-use directly georeferenced medium-format airborne camera system that provides digital imaging for aerial surveying and remote sensing applications. A mapping-quality alternative to large-format digital cameras, the DSS is a compact and complete system with competitive advantages for organisations searching for rapid, cost-effective aerial imaging solutions. The USGS certification provides the official validation to performance claims Applanix makes for DSS.

Last updated: 27/02/2018