Albert E. ‘Skip’ Theberge Passed Away

Albert E. ‘Skip’ Theberge Passed Away

Albert E. ‘Skip’ Theberge passed away on 1 November 2022. Theberge, who suffered from pancreatic cancer, leaves his wife Kathryn, a daughter and five grandchildren. Theberge was a historian and a librarian at NOAA before he retired in 2019. Before working at the NOAA library, he served as Captain and commanded several NOAA vessels.

Albert ‘Skip’ Theberge was a long-lasting contributor to Hydro International, writing for more than ten years for the publication on the history of hydrographic surveying. Hydro International is much indebted to the legacy of Skip, who kept the history of the profession alive in the columns of the magazine, and many of his articles can be found in the archive. In his first article, Skip introduces himself and explains how he came on board Hydro International in 2008. We wish his family and all those who will miss him strength at this difficult time.  

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