Applanix Releases the Latest Version of its DSS Digital Sensor System - 07/06/2004

Applanix introduced the latest version of its DSS Digital Sensor System. The new system incorporates a next-generation CCD, and single-axis azimuth mount, both designed to maximise the DSS system's capabilities in generating high-quality digital imagery for the aerial survey and remote sensing industry.
The DSS is a medium format, digital airborne remote sensing system, using Integrated Inertial technology to produce georeferenced colour and Colour Infrared (CIR) imagery. The system's new super-fast digital chip delivers a 2.5 second cycle time for rapid data capture, together with enhanced pixel dynamics.
Additionally, DSS systems now include an azimuth mount designed to remove the effects of yaw drift (crab) on the imagery, induced by flying in crosswind conditions. Both the new chip and azimuth mount expand the photogrammetric capabilities of the DSS system when producing stereo coverage at lower altitudes.
The DSS has been designed as a modular system to allow upgrades to be easily implemented by replacing specific components as the technology improves and applications change. The next-generation chip and azimuth mount are standard components on all new DSS systems and are available as an upgrade on units currently in service with existing customers.

Last updated: 02/09/2020