Aquavision Partners with Stema Systems - 12/06/2020

Aquavision, an independent service provider in the domain of hydrography, has entered into a partnership with Stema Systems. Stema develops hardware as well as software for use in hydrographical and geological applications. The combining of their respective expertise reinforces and offers, especially in these special times, new opportunities. Our clients are looking for a partner that can solve all their issues under one roof through efficient and transparent work. This partnership will ensure that a complete package of services can be provided in the understanding and investigation of the seabed and the water column.

“This collaboration is the perfect continuation of the growth ambitions that Aquavision wishes to realize”, according to Peter Meijer, senior project manager at Aquavision. "The challenges that our clients face are complex and dynamic, making them hard to estimate. We believe that, with our systems, equipment and advice, we can add enormous value by offering transparency, measurability and predictability. The driving force behind this collaboration is an exceptional passion for research and the analysis of waterways, resulting in innovative solutions”, adds Pepijn Peter (CEO of the partnership). “The collaboration offers a stable financial basis, with the strategic vision and growth ambitions supported by a family foundation that has a strong focus on the long term."

Both Aquavision and Stema Systems will maintain their own identity and will remain based at their respective locations. The merging stems from an ambition to grow and to be able to provide our mutual clients with an even better service. The collaboration will also compliment the growth ambitions of both companies. Both parties look forward to a successful collaboration moving forward.

Last updated: 16/06/2020