Are Humans Being Removed from Data Collection Operations?

Are Humans Being Removed from Data Collection Operations?

Texas-based Terradepth has raised $US 8 million in new funding, in a bid to realize its vision of “cost-effective, high-resolution deep ocean data for any customer who wants to make informed, ecologically responsible decisions regarding the world’s ocean”, reports TechHQ, an independent tech news website that covers enterprise and technology.

Terradepth is a data-as-a-service company whose mission is to increase ocean knowledge through autonomous, high-resolution, scalable data collection. They provide access to our deep ocean data repository, provide data products or surveys on request, and maintain a repository of analytical reports for sale.

Lowest Cost Without Sacrificing Quality

Because Terradepth completely removes the human from the data collection operation, their products and services are provided at the industry’s lowest cost without sacrificing quality, the company says. Terradepth serves any organization, industry, or individual who cares deeply about making responsible decisions about the world’s ocean.

The company claims using 'cutting edge' machine learning and autonomous vehicle technology has completely removed the requirement for humans at sea— making operational costs a lot lower than other providers which may offer unmanned (but not fully-autonomous) vehicles.

According to its website, services will span geophysical surveys— including hydrographic surveys, route surveys, environmental and habitat surveys, and seep detection— as well as for inspections and monitoring and forecasting. Potential customers, therefore, range between members of the oil industry, scientific organizations, and energy firms.

Photo courtesy Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Califonia (US). Photo not related to Terradepth.

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