ASL Ice Profiler IPS-5 - 09/07/2007

ASL Environmental Sciences has launched the ASL Ice Profiler IPS-5. The Ice Profiler is used for autonomous measurement of sea ice thickness in remote areas. ASL has taken 3 large orders, totaling 22 units, for the new Ice Profiler.


The upgraded Ice Profiler offers several new features:

  • Onboard data storage capacity is increased
  • Vertical profiling of backscatter returns from the ice and through the water column.
  • A simpler and more cost-effective internal alkaline battery pack (standard) and a new lithium battery pack will be available as an option.
  • Upgraded software supplied with the instrument provides many enhancements including 12 programmable phases for different sampling schemes at different times of the year, easier to use set-up procedures, and improved testing and reliability enhancements.
  • A more accurate onboard temperature sensor is included, as well as higher resolution for the existing onboard two-axis tilt sensor.


The Norwegian Polar Institute has ordered and now received 3 Ice Profilers, which will be used to observe the thickness of the sea ice as it is exported through Fram Strait off of Northeast Greenland.


The University of Pierre and Marie Currie, France has ordered 7 Ice Profilers to be used in the French Damocles project component and will be mounted in Argo drifting buoys that operate under the Arctic ice.


Laval University has ordered 12 Ice Profilers to be used to provide year-round records of ice draft at the mooring sites and are needed to determine the actual rate of ice volume loss.  They will be on moorings deployed in the Beaufort Sea, North Water, Hudson Bay, and the mooring operated by Laval University in the Laptev Sea in collaboration with NABOS.



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