ASL to Provide Wave and Current Data for Vancouver Port Authority - 06/09/2004

Vancouver Port Authority (VPA) is looking at expanding its terminal at Roberts Bank in British Columbia, Canada.
In support of this project, ASL Environmental Sciences has been contracted to provide long-term wave and current data for input to engineering and environmental studies. VPA purchased the necessary equipment based on ASL’s advice.
In a novel approach, ASL designed a two part mooring assembly to hold the Nortek AWAC instrument, which will provide the data from a depth of 8 meters. The bottom part of the mooring is deployed first and positioned with weights and the instrument assembly is then lowered onto levelling bolts on the base and attached by divers. Subsequent refurbishment requires only the recovery of the instrument itself.
Initial deployment was in April 2004 and data will be collected over a 12 month period. A complete analysis of the data will be provided by ASL.

Last updated: 27/02/2018