ASV and ROV Subsea Inspection Capabilities to be Demoed Ocean Business - 05/04/2019

L3 Technologies has launched an Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV) deploying, operating and recovering a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). In an industry first, the C-Worker 7 ASV deployed an inspection-class ROV for vertical and horizontal subsea inspection. The proof of concept demonstration took place over two weeks in Cawsand Bay, Plymouth, UK. The system will be running demonstrations at Ocean Business in Southampton, UK, 9-11 April 2019.

Jacket and hull inspections

The new system has been developed for use in hazardous offshore environments. It will be used for tasks such as jacket and hull inspections, and pipeline and cable surveys in oil and gas and renewable energy applications.

The demonstration follows completion of phase one of an Innovate UK part-funded project Autonomous Robotic Intervention System for Extreme Maritime Environments (ARISE). The project involved the University of Exeter as an academic partner and was supported by BP.

Hazardous environments 

“BP continually looks at ways to take people out of hazardous environments, and the autonomous capability being developed by L3 Technologies can enable us to do that,” said Peter Collinson, senior subsea and environmental specialist, BP. “The C-Worker 7 autonomous vessel, paired with an ROV, has a potential to change the way subsea inspection tasks are carried out.”

Phase two of the project has already begun and will lead to further development of the ROV launch and recovery capability, including additional proof of concept demonstrations.

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