BDHA for Windows - 11/11/2003

PCAL Technology Ltd has released ‘BDHA for Windows’ software, which provides Quality Control and modelling functionality for Swathe Bathymetry XYZ data. BDHA (Bathymetry Data Handling and Analysis) for Windows enables multiple XYZ datafiles to be analysed simultaneously to provide an independent and objective assessment of the consistency of the acquired data. The software is a tool for client representatives to check the quality and accuracy of swathe bathymetry during a hydrographic survey. Statistical parameters such as coverage, density of soundings, mean, minimum and maximum depth and standard deviation are calculated automatically and can be displayed in the main viewer window in colour-coded bands. Cross-sections, contours and 3D fly-through models may also be generated to assist the quality control process and to identify the source of any error. BDHA for Windows is able to manage and store all XYZ data for a project, irrespective of data volume, by using the latest relational database management technology. XYZ data can be accessed for analysis or use by the Digital Terrain Modelling functionality contained within the software. Contours can be quickly and easily created at user-defined settings, or longitudinal profiles can be extracted along a user-defined route.

Last updated: 07/09/2020