Bibby Athena’s d’ROP Winch Heave Compensated

Bibby Athena’s d’ROP Winch Heave Compensated

To fulfil its contractual obligations M/V Bibby Athena had its ROV winch upgraded with Scantrol AHC while in operation. In order to perform continuous mapping of the seabed and cables while still operational, Bibby HydroMap needed to heave compensate its d`ROP Survey ROV winch. The AHC control system was delivered and tested in the space of just 3 weeks this summer, and the vessel is now running AHC operations up to 24 hours a day.

In June 2015 the new Scantrol AHC system was received, an AHC upgrade from Scantrol, which is a cost-effective and proven system with a short lead time.

Scantrol assembled the system after receiving hydraulics analysis from its British hydraulic expert, Derek Walker. The system was shipped to the vessel and Steven McKay, Scantrol`s UK service engineer, commissioned and tested the system together with Scantrol`s own engineers. The testing and fine-tuning was done both on board the vessel and via remote support while the M/V Bibby Athena was in operation.

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