BIRNS Introduces Extreme Cold & Depth Pressure Testing - 04/02/2019

BIRNS, known for developing and manufacturing a range of advanced marine products, has launched a precision testing capability for deep submergence connectors and cable assemblies - an extreme low temperature and extreme depth testing system. The test system successfully allows 48 hour+ continuous testing of connectors and cable assemblies at 6km in a controlled 2°C (±1°C) environment.

The cold hydrostatic pressure testing provides automated, programmable multiple pressure cycles with real-time data recording of electrical and optical testing, along with a digital output of pressure and temperature data. It was initially developed to meet customer requirements for a BIRNS Millennium 6km-rated hybrid electro-optical pin configuration, the 3O-1F3, which features the company’s new miniature 1.25mm optical ferrule.

Last updated: 12/02/2019