BluHaptics’ Subsea Robotics Software Available Through J2 Subsea - 16/06/2017

BluHaptics, a software company pioneering new technology for augmented robotics and supplier of subsea tooling and services J2 Subsea have formed a sales and distribution partnership for BluHaptics’ first commercially available product – a software solution to make the operation of underwater manipulator arms safer and more effective.

As part of the agreement, J2 Subsea will leverage its global presence and subsea industry expertise for the sale, distribution, customer support and joint marketing of BluHaptics’ software solution for underwater manipulator arms. Traditionally focused on subsea tooling (hardware), J2 Subsea is incorporating BluHaptics’ software into its suite of offerings to provide customers with a higher level of control and precision in the operation of costly hardware.  

According to Luke Wissman, vice president of business development and special programs for BluHaptics, J2 has the subsea expertise and established relationships to efficiently connect the product with the companies who will benefit the most from it.

Integrated Technologies

BluHaptics’ engineers have integrated technologies – including real-time modelling, operator assistance, and force feedback – into a unified platform for semi-automatic robotic control. Featuring a virtual interface and more user-friendly controls, this system makes it easier for operators to interact with and more precisely control remote robots in fluid, unpredictable and dangerous environments. Several offshore trials are currently underway.

BluHaptics CEO Don Pickering added that augmented robotics marries the strengths of humans and robots to achieve more together than what each could do individually. As companies begin to enjoy better control, improved safety, lower costs, and more capabilities, he expects that this technology will become an industry standard.

John Walker, director, J2 Subsea forecasts that the software will enable increased precision, reducing the instances and intensity of damage to ROV manipulator arms during subsea operations.        

With headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland, and locations in Singapore and Houston, J2 Subsea has a global reach. Its work in the rental, service and repair of ROV manipulator arms, as well as the rental of ROV tooling equipment, ROV engineering and underwater survey engineering support, has earned it a reputation built on trust with key companies in the oil and gas subsea sector.

The full release of BluHaptics’ application for underwater manipulator arms is scheduled for July 2017.


Last updated: 06/06/2020