Brazilian Offshore Positioning Contracts

Brazilian Offshore Positioning Contracts

Veripos has been awarded a series of contracts in Brazil under which it is to provide high-precision GNSS positioning products and services to leading offshore operators, DOF Subsea, NorSkan Offshore and Companhia Brasileira de Offshore (CBO).  


The DOF Subsea contract includes the provision of Veripos Ultra dual-beam precise-point positioning (PPP) service supported by two LD2-G2 integrated mobile demodulators and proprietary Verify QC processing software aboard the ROV support vessel, Skandi Chieftan.  Similar facilities have already been operational for some time aboard the company's other ROV vessels, Skandi Fluminense and Skandi Salvador.


Meanwhile, DOF Subsea's associate Brazilian concern, NorSkan Offshore, is to utilise Veripos' Standard positioning service and L1D3S mobile units aboard its tug supply vessel, Skandi Copacabanca, whose two sister ships Skandi Leblon and Skandi Flamengo are already operating identical facilities.


Companhia Brasileira de Offshore (CBO) has similarly awarded Veripos a contract for its offshore supply vessel CBO Isabella which has been equipped with two LID2-GG1 mobile units  and is using Veripos' Standard positioning service.  The award follows similar commitments for other CBO fleet vessels, CBO Rio, CBO Vitoria and CBO Manoella.  


Veripos currently maintains a dedicated GNSS positioning service for Brazil as an integral part of its Americas Regional operations covering North, South and Central America as well as the Caribbean.  In addition to satellite-based differential GPS and PPP, the Brazilian network also includes HF radio transmission of DGPS and a supplementary GLONASS capability. 


The network has recently been augmented by new office and workshop facilities established in Rio Das Ostras, approximately 25km south of Macaé.  According to Country Manager, Gilles Bernardini, together with an increase in dedicated support staff over the last year they will provide improved support for the growing number of Veripos customers in the region.


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