Business Guide 2020 and November/December Issue Are Out - 17/12/2019

In our new yearly Business Guide, we focus on innovations in 2020 and developments in the hydrographic and oceanographic arena. One of the other topics is the accelerating rise of sea levels. With millions of people around the world at risk from rising seas, it is essential to continue measuring the changing height of the sea surface to ensure that decision-makers are equipped to take appropriate mitigating action. 

Also featuring in Hydro International's Business Guide 2020 -  the hydrographer's final search for an effective SDB-system and the NOAA's plan for deep ocean mapping of US waters. Jim Gardiner, a research scientist at Valeport, reviews the technical and commercial challenges in hydrographic operations. Chris Haworth and Gavin Irvine (Seabyt) reflect on how subsea autonomy is moving beyond waypoints. Would you like to learn more? Hydro International's Business Guide is available in print and (shortly) online.

Interview, Case Study and Review

In Hydro International's November/December issue, Phil Payne of the UK Hydrographical Office talks about hydrographic programmes to support blue economic growth. In a case study, Carol Lockhart and Tim Webster describe how high-resolution bathymetric surveys support aquaculture research and increase navigational safety. Two similar projects in different parts of the world.

Inge van den Meiracker, a MSc graduate student in Geographical Information Management and Applications, presents a review of different image classification techniques to optimise final maps, while Richard Goosen, a senior hydrographer at Fugro,  tells us how airborne multibeam lidar coastal mapping is done. This and much more in the printed and digital (available shortly) version of Hydro International.

Last updated: 06/01/2020