C & C AUV Completes Oil Project - 25/10/2003

C & C Technologies recently completed an AUV site investigation survey off the coast of Angola for ExxonMobil. During the 34-day project, C & C’s AUV aboard the R/V Rig Supporter collected high-resolution multi-beam bathymetry, side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler data in water depths ranging from 500 to 900 metres. While collecting over 3,100 kilometres of data, the AUV utilised acoustic modems to transfer sub-sampled data to the R/V Rig Supporter for QA/QC measures performed by route engineers. Since becoming operational in January 2001, the C & C AUV has performed more than 24,000 kilometres of surveys on 47 different projects for government agencies and the oil and gas industry. The water depths for these projects range from 100 to 2,850 metres and encompass different levels of complexity. Some of the more high-profile projects have been locating historical World War II shipwrecks, performing pipeline investigation surveys and surveying through a full-scale production FPSO location.

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