CAD2.7 Million Naval Sonar Contract - 21/07/2009

Marport C-Tech Ltd has been awarded a CAD2.7 million contract to supply its CTS-24 Hull Mounted Sonar system to an international naval customer. Marport C-Tech will supply a complete system including sonar transducer array, hoisting unit, transmit/receive signal processing electronics, software and operator displays.



The CTS-24 sonar is an active / passive Omni Sonar designed to meet the multi-mission requirements of Anti-Submarine (ASW) and Mine Counter Measure (MCM) platforms including patrol vessels, corvettes, frigates and destroyers. It provides long range underwater detection, high accuracy target tracking and mine avoidance capability. The medium-frequency system is designed for naval forces operating in both littoral and deep water. Narrow vertical and horizontal beams enable the sonar to maintain excellent performance in the shallow littorals and provide extended detection range capabilities in deep water.



Last updated: 08/04/2020