Calibrating Sonars and Sounders - 25/10/2003

From Valeport Ltd, comes the SoundBar 2 Digital Bar Checker. Bar Checkers are used to prove data on sound velocity through the water column to enable calibration of swath sonars, echo sounders and other acoustic systems. The SoundBar 2 uses Valeport’s digital ‘time of flight’ sound velocity measurement technique. It has direct compatibility with standard hydrographic procedures and can be set to operate in standard free-running or profile modes; all data is logged and available for output in a variety of industry standard formats. The titanium-housed, 6,000m depth-rated SoundBar 2 operates at 2.5Mhz. Its sound velocity sensor has a range of 1,400 to 1,600 m/x, resolution of 0.001m/s and accuracy of app. 0,05m/s. The pressure sensor has a standard range of 50 or 100dBar. The instrument is 42mm diameter by 405mm overall length and operates on C-cell batteries of 12-25vDC external power.

Last updated: 27/02/2018