Canoe-Borne Oceanography - 02/06/2004

ASL Environmental Sciences is used to unusual situations but it came across a new one with a recent request for a number of instruments from Interives, a company engaged in met-ocean studies based in Laval, Quebec. Jean-Pierre Savard of Interives needed a range of instruments (CTD, wave and current profilers, tide gauge and a weather station) for gathering data to be used for harbour development in several Inuit villages on Hudson Bay and Ungava Bay in Northern Quebec. This part of the world has few if any marine charts and the only safe way of deploying this equipment is by canoe! Jean-Pierre, long used to this environment, has developed a number of techniques for instrument deployment from a canoe and has been successfully doing so for many years. For this project, ASL is processing the data and providing instrumentation from its lease pool.

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