CARIS Demos Bathy DataBase 3.1 - 05/04/2011


During Ocean Business, CARIS officially launched and demoed the new version of Bathy DataBase 3.1 which as a new feature supports Oracle 11g. Delegates interested to see the new development could witness the transfer and use of data and metadata all over the world.


Specialists could see how data can be zoomed in (and at thattime get more detailed like on Google maps which makes it possible to manage big sets of data without having to transfer data in a higher density than necessary, which is useful when handling the expanding volumes of sonar and Lidar data. The data can be meta tagged and the application is compliant with most current standards such as Inspire and Gemini2.


Andrew Hoggarth explained that this development with Oracle is a request of many governmental-related organisations who then can integrate the data with other applications. If an organisation does not need the Oracle option, it is available without as well.



Last updated: 04/09/2020