CARIS Unveils New Software for Hydrographic Survey - 14/05/2004

CARIS has announced today the release of Notebook as part of its ongoing commitment to making the hydrographic survey and production workflow easier.
Notebook will create efficiencies in land and hydrographic surveys that have never before been possible.
A digital alternative to the traditional paper field book, Notebook fills the gap between post processing of hydrographic survey data and output to hydrographic products such as Electronic Navigational Charts.
With minimal system requirements, the lightweight software application includes tools for the addition of new georeferenced field survey objects, field notes and observations, as well as for data validation of new data to the results from previous surveys. If data conflicts or inaccuracies are found users can investigate, collect and update the data all without having to launch another survey.
Notebook allows for quick transfer of digital field survey data to cartographers for efficient update of digital products. Any new georeferenced data entered in Notebook is recorded as objects. These objects are easily transferred to S-57 ENCs, digital charts, or survey field sheets.
Users will achieve new capacities for survey validation though display capabilities in Notebook to view multiple reference data sources from a single area at once. There is backdrop display support for raster data such as BSB, HCRF and GeoTIFF and vector data such as S-57 ENCs.
CARIS Notebook is part of a complete suite of marine and hydrographic software from CARIS.

Last updated: 24/02/2020