Carlson Software and HydroCAD Form Alliance - 23/04/2008

An alliance between Carlson Software Inc. and HydroCAD Software Solutions, LLC, was revealed at the Carlson Silver Anniversary User Conference, held 14 and 15 April in Lexington (KY, USA). HydroCAD is a Computer Aided Design tool used by civil engineers for modeling stormwater runoff.


‘HydroCAD is such a standard in hydrology and hydraulics design that we are really pleased to announce that the basic HydroCAD module will be included with Carlson Hydrology '09,' said Bruce Carlson, president and founder of Carlson Software. Carlson will link to HydroCAD and conform their methods more closely to those of HydroCAD in upcoming builds of Carlson Hydrology.


Phase one of the integration of the two popular products will be the inclusion of HydroCAD with Carlson Hydrology 2009, which is expected to be released on or before 1rst May 2008. The second phase will be the development of linkage between the two products to move data automatically between the two solutions.


Both Carlson and Smart emphasized that this is an alliance and not an acquisition. HydroCAD and Carlson will continue as separate companies. HydroCAD will continue to be sold directly as it is now, but the ‘Carlson Edition' will also be bundled with Carlson Hydrology 2009.



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