Cees van Dijk appointed content manager Hydro International - 10/04/2019

Cees van Dijk recently accepted the position of the content manager of Hydro International. "After having worked in different media positions for more than twenty years, this is an interesting new challenge for me”, he says.

Maritime and media world

The hydrographic world is not new to him. From 1987 to 2000 he worked as a liaison officer at the Dutch Coast Guard and he became acquainted with the multifaceted maritime world. Then he worked for various maritime magazines and he was responsible for water sports publications in an international publishing company.

Part-time in Lemmer and Almere, the Netherlands

On average, in the first month of the production process, Cees will be at the Geomares office in Lemmer, the Netherlands, one day a week. As the deadline of the magazine approaches, he will be there more often. In addition, he will perform a number of activities from his "home office” in the Dutch city of Almere, near Amsterdam.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome

"If you have suggestions for articles for the upcoming editions or otherwise have tips and advice, please let me know", Cees says. "I look forward to continuing the good relationship that my predecessor Wim van Wegen has built with you."
Last updated: 10/04/2019