CHA Award 2008 - 23/07/2008

The Canadian Hydrographic Association was created by a number of senior people in the Canadian Hydrographic Service in 1966/1967 in answer to a requirement for hydrographic training and professional status within the service. The CHA has been a successful professional service from that time till present.


In 1992 a student award of CAD2000 was created to honour and assist a student in a Canadian University or Technical College who was enrolled in a related discipline as Canada has no dedicated hydrographic school. The award has been awarded each year since 1992.

The 2008 award winner (15th) is Jason Workman, a 22-year old engineering student at the University of Calgary in the province of Alberta, Canada. He is initially from a small town in Alberta called Westlock which is 400 kilometres from Calgary.

He is in his final year of Geomatics Engineering and will graduate in the winter of 2009. He intends to pursue a career as a Provincial Land Surveyor and a Canada Lands Surveyor and will write three examinations during the fall of 2008 and winter of 2009 in preparation for this. As part of his fourth year technical electives he has chosen to take part in a "hydrography program that will cover ocean tides, marine positioning and different types of sounding methods".

The tuition costs at this university are CAD2,700 per semester and he will have a total cost for his final year of CAD13,200. The CHA's contribution of CAD2,000 will help him finance his final year.

He was the best of the 5 applications submitted based on his demonstrated financial need, the appropriateness of his faculty and the very strong and solid marks that he attained during his previous 3 years at school. There were 18 other applicants that were judged non-compliant. Firstly when choosing the successful candidate the appropriate faculty was important. 18 of the applications of this received were not. For instance many of the applicants are studying environmental subjects and though important this award is specifically related to hydrography, geomatics, mapping and cartographic sciences. If there were a school of hydrography in Canada the awarding committee would focus their attention on students there but unfortunately such an institute does not exist.



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