Change of Ownership at Geo Plus - 24/04/2018

On 17 April 2018 Patrick Defilet, former COO of the Dutch company Geo Plus B.V., took over the business from the founding owners. Geo Plus was founded in 1994 by Jan Loots and his wife Stijnie Veendorp. The company has a long and successful track record and will be celebrating its 25-year anniversary in 2019.

Back in 1994 Jan and Stijnie started a land survey company in the northern Netherlands. Due to success, Geo Plus expanded quickly to 25 employees with activities throughout the world.

The first hydrographic activities followed quickly by buying a small inland vessel. In 2007 Geo Plus started its investment programme in building dedicated survey vessels. By 2012 an impressive fleet of 7 specialised survey vessels was realised with the 35 metre hybrid DP1 “Geo Focus” as flagship. In 2012 the management also decided to focus 100% on hydrography and sold the land survey activities. A strategic decision to stop executing hydrographic surveys by themselves followed in 2015.

Shallow water operations

Nowadays Geo Plus is specialised in chartering out dedicated hydrographic survey vessels for shallow water operations. With its current fleet of 6 vessels Geo Plus is a worldwide-operating going concern company with an established position in the survey and offshore market. Geo Plus supports a variety of clients in the Dredging, Offshore construction, Oil & Gas, Renewable and Survey markets.

Current managing director and owner Patrick Defilet started working with Geo Plus in 2002 and is proud to be able to be the successor of Jan Loots and to guide Geo Plus into the next phase. The takeover of the shares was realised in close cooperation with SCG Management B.V. and N.V. NOM.

Geo Plus and SCG Management B.V. are looking for new opportunities in the offshore market via the new established entity Offshore Marine Company B.V. (OMC).

Patrick Defilet and his staff will – by the end of April – take residence in the offices of “House of Shipping”, located at Eenrumermaar in Groningen, The Netherlands.

“Although Geo Plus will maintain to be a fully independent company we will jointly be looking for synergy and support opportunities,” said the new managing director, Patrick Defilet.

Last updated: 19/03/2019