Chesapeake Real-time StrataBox Interface - 19/09/2008

SonarWiz.MAP is the new real-time interface for the SyQwest, Inc. StrataBox subbottom profiling sonar. According to CTI President, Eileen Gann said that the new SonarWiz.MAP real-time interface allows users to collect StrataBox data simultaneously with sidescan, single beam echosounder and magnetometer sensors in one program.


SonarWiz.MAP is a real-time time data acquisition, real-time mosaic and post-processing system used worldwide by commercial, government and academic institutions. Recent enhancements to SonarWiz.MAP include magnetometer collection and post-processing, subbottom data intersection management, and 3D data export in Fledermaus format.

Last updated: 27/02/2018