CLIO Offshore Launches Survey, ROV and Recovery Services - 21/07/2016

CLIO Offshore, a division of OMEX based in the USA, is now offering client packages focused on Survey, Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Recovery for projects down to 6,000 metres depth. The containerised packages are designed for fast and efficient mobilization to drive operations from conceptual stages to completion.

Project solutions delivered by CLIO Offshore may encompass a suite of individual tools and services to supplement existing operations or complete project delivery and management to meet a specific objective successfully ranging from desktop study through marine asset procurement and mobilization to execution and reporting.

John Longley, OMEX chief operating officer, states that the resources that OMEX has invested over the past 20 years have proven successful on various deep-ocean operations conducted by their team. The suite of tools, team and technology assembled by OMEX can be applied to a wide-ranging spectrum of projects for fast and effective mobilization on vessels of opportunity.

Andrew Craig, OMEX director of marine operations adds that the company’s goal is to provide efficient and practical support to supplement the client’s projects. The work is underpinned safety first with an aim to deliver an advantage by employing tried and tested OMEX technology and techniques to deliver results in a fair and cost effective manner.


Last updated: 21/10/2020