Coastal Monitoring with SAM Jet Promoted on Television - 31/08/2016

Tom Tate, mayor of Gold Coast, Australia, recently took the opportunity to publicise on television the city’s latest weapon in its extensive arsenal aimed at protecting the coastline – the S.A.M Jet. The mayor explained that the city will be able to capture vastly more data compared to previous methods that were based on time-consuming land surveying procedures, creating a more accurate record of sand movement along the coast.

The Sand Activity Monitoring Jet Ski, which is the name given to the recently acquired CEE HydroSystems CEE JET by city staff, is equipped with the latest technology in GPS and sonar allowing the collection of hydrographic survey data through the wave zone.

According to Mayor Tate, data was traditionally collected by three officers physically walking and swimming through the surf zone with an extended survey pole. The S.A.M Jet is safer and more efficient and allows the council to capture more information within short, limited weather windows. He added that the city’s sand monitoring programme was an integral part of the Ocean Beaches Strategy and ensured beaches were maintained and the coastline protected.

Reporters from Australia’s Channel 9 News were on hand to follow the S.A.M Jet story.



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