Coastal Zone and Bathymetric Lidar Conference Session - 19/11/2010

The first European Lidar Mapping Forum event is being held in The Hague, in the Netherlands from 30th November to 1st December 2010 and will have two conference sessions devoted to coastal zone and bathymetric Lidar.

Novel approaches to laser-based hydrographic data acquisition and the evolution of coastal mapping and monitoring utilising Lidar and hyperspectral systems will be discussed along with the application of boat-mounted mobile Lidar.

In addition to the conference there are 50 leading Lidar manufacturers and service providers exhibiting. This will be the largest ever European exhibition dedicated solely to Lidar technology and services.

For those still looking to learn more about the benefits of Lidar there are two days of workshops aimed at providing novice operators, their managers and potential purchasers of equipment, with an understanding of the basic principles and fundamental benefits and technology associated with Lidar.

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