Coda Octopus Presents XD Wide-angle Echoscope - 16/01/2017

Coda Octopus has presented an addition to its range of real-time 3D sonar systems, a wide-angle 90°x40° 240kHz option Echoscope. This variant of sonar has multiple projectors and affords an increased opening angle, thus significantly increasing the field of view and survey area of coverage. In addition to the real-time 3D imaging, which enables the Echoscope to deliver efficiencies in projects where low- or zero-visibility conditions prevail. The new XD dual frequency model will enable large area imaging and mapping to be efficiently and effectively completed in support of a wide range of subsea bathymetry and imaging projects.

The Echoscope is built around technology generating a complete 3D model, composed of over 16,000 soundings from each and every acoustic transmission. This XD variant provides a multiple projector configuration giving users the benefit and option for multiple frequency options.

Users will now be able to select from multiple opening angles and frequencies including:

  • 90°x40° at 240kHz through to
  • 8 separate frequencies and
  • opening angles from 340kHz at 50°x50° to 20°x20° at 700kHz

The XD variant can be operated in landscape or portrait orientation for increased horizontal or vertical coverage in critical applications and all frequencies can be selected from a dropdown menu in Coda Octopus Underwater Survey Explorer software.

The XD variant is immediately available for new purchases and also can be accessed by existing Echoscope owners via the upgrade programme.


Last updated: 17/08/2019