CodaOctopus F180s for Fugro - 02/02/2004

CodaOctopus has recently delivered two new F180 position and attitude systems to Fugro Survey Pty in Perth, Australia and conducted on-site operator training for twenty surveyors and engineers, including classroom and at-sea instruction. The Octopus F180 was selected by Fugro Survey after lengthy and intensive trials which established it as a credible and cost-effective solution for precision attitude and position data, ideally suited for multibeam survey. Providing high accuracy pitch, roll and heave data, together with inertia-aided position and heading, the F180s will be used in conjunction with Fugro's Reson multibeam sonar. With applications ranging from large vessel deepwater survey to small inshore craft of opportunity and rock-dumping vessels, the F180 is to be used in a wide variety of situations where speed of installation, portability and reliability is paramount.

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