Colombian Naval Academy Certifies Category “A” Hydrographers for the First Time - 16/06/2020

The Colombian Navy has successfully concluded its first category “A” hydrography course. This course, which was recognized by IBSC in 2018, was completed by 15 naval officers at the “Almirante Padilla” Naval Academy (ENAP). This means that the institution is now able to provide hydrography training for personnel in Colombia, to the high standards established by the IHO for the exercise of their role in the national hydrographic service, within the national maritime authority (DIMAR). Previously, personnel received category “A” hydrography training in other countries such as the United States or Chile.

The certification ceremony was presided by the Rear Admiral Juan Ricardo Rozo Obregon, director of the ENAP, who said: “It is an enormous honour to certify each one of these new hydrographers. I would like to highlight that this hydrography programme is the first one available in the Caribbean region, which is an important strategic action in the accomplishment of the Colombian Navy vision of being influential at the regional level (…) this is something historical, a milestone for this naval academy”.

Understanding of the Dynamics of the Seas

The course has a one-and-a-half-year extension in which the tools necessary for obtaining specialized knowledge in hydrography are provided, in partnership with other navies and hydrographic services in the world. In the specific case of this first group, an academic internship related to acquisition and data processing took place with the Portuguese Navy Hydrographic Service in November 2019. The second hydrography course started in January 2020.

“This knowledge, combined with knowledge in oceanography, will improve our understanding of the dynamics and problems in our seas, and will provide us with better criteria and tools for making the best decisions”, said Lieutenant Omar Álvarez Orduz, who is part of the group of recently certified hydrographers.

The “Almirante Padilla” Naval Academy reaffirms its commitment to provide teaching and training in all marine-related sciences and other programmes that contribute to the maritime community.

Last updated: 21/01/2021